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Gazzo and Cash Cash team up on this remix of Rudimental’s Free, adding heaps of energy to the deep soulful vocals laid down on the original. If you want to the calm late night listen, listen to their original. If you want to party, listen the below!

Rudimental is a British electronic music quartet with very basic drum and bass beats… do you remember the song “Feel the love”?

New track by Fehrplay, a talented DJ coming from the Pryda house. The intro hooks you right from the start. I also applaud his willingness to remix “All By My Self” by Moby, a classic and pioneering sound. I had the pleasure of seeing Fehrplay live this past October at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, part of the Epic 2.0 tour with Eric Prydz. This is a musical experience that every electronic music lover needs - it’s not about the drop and crazy crowds, Epic 2.0 is truly about connecting with electronic music visually (3D in fact, audibly and spiritually. Again, lucky to live in New York, the one stop on the PRYDA U.S. tour to host EPIC 2.0 :)

Happy almost New Year! I can’t wait to share my 2013 top album list. It’ll be hard to materialize but looking forward to some year-end musical reflection.

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The Hood Internet are going for a mashup threepeat with the latest installment of their Trillwave mix series. By now you should know the drill, rap vocals over indie rock and electronic joints. Emotions are felt, stories about guns and weed recontextualized. Gunplay sounds very pensive over Sasac, like he hooked up with Phil Collins for an EP. Actually Phil Collins hooked up with Bone Thugz N Harmony back in the day, and that shit was raw ass. Gunplay X Sasac sounds way better. Drop this one when you have to entertain a mixed crowd, or if you need to take a long drive with someone who doesn’t worship at a temple with 808s for church bells.

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